Fundamental Training

The Fundamental module is required before any other module can be taken. Once the fundamental module is completed any of the other modules can be taken in any order. The fundamental principles concerning chakras, chakra petals, mantras, vibration and associated body parts specific to this work will be taught during the first part of this module; the chakra CD series will be covered in the 2nd part with a major focus on the 5 channels CD. It is important to open the 5 channels before proceeding with the rest of the series and modules.
Not every module will be offered in any given year so it is recommended to sign up for module as soon as it appears. Limited registration.
This module will be offered in Columbus, Ohio – May 21 & 22, 2011 and again in Santa Barbara California in August 2011.

Music of the Spheres

This module will explore the frequencies of the various celestial bodies and there correspondence to health and wellbeing.

Body As Sound

This module will focus on various aspects of the physical human body: skeletal, nerves, organs, sense organs, fluids, and the CDs which work best with it.

Human Energy System

This module will focus on the various aspects of the human energy system: Chakra system; ida, pingala, shushumna; Polarity Currents; acupuncture meridians,

Cranial Harmonics

This module will focus on the various cranial CDs: primary respiration, cerebral spinal fluid, chakra breath, cranial nerves, brain.

192 fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness

This module will explore the 192 Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness and how they relate to the unified field and our own subjective consciousness.

Chi Generators and Mantras;

This module will explore the use of Chi’ Generators and mantras. Gems will also be covered.

Sacred Geometry

This module will cover the use of Sacred Geometry: how to make it and how to use it. Light Glyphs will also be covered in this module.