Darrell Brann is available for free talks and workshops. If you’re interested in bringing this healing work to your neighborhood, contact us here.



September 19: Boston, Mass.
Dimensional Tools for Dimensional Healing
Free Talk – 7:00pm-9:30pm
This event will include an introduction to the CD’s, Q&A, and presentation of new material: Platonic Solids, Language of Light Glyphs, Physical Immortality
For exact location and to RSVP: phone Rollin 508-785-2048
For more information on the event itself: email Darrell at

Sept. 20: Darrell is available for a limited number of private sessions in Boston area
Email to schedule an appointment.

Sept 24: Radison Hotel, Massage Therapy conference, Manchester, NH
Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness
Free Demonstration,
700 Elm St.
Manchester NH


October 7-12: Flagstaff, AZ
Dimensional Aspects of Illness
Saturday & Monday; October 7-12, 10am-6pm
American Society of Dowsers SouthWest Conference.

October 14th:  Globe Dowser Meeting
Globe Az

Nov 10-: Columbus Ohio
Free Talk Journey’s of Wisdom

Healing Thru Love will allow Earth to Prosper into a Higher Frequency
To find out more and to register for the conference, click here.

: November 18-20 Amherst Mass, Changing Worlds/Changing Times Conference


Darrell also speaks on breatharianism and sungazing. Contact him at to schedule a talk on these topics in your neighborhood.