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Chi Generators
Chi Generators are based on the universal principles of Resonance, Energy Fields, Like Attracts Like, Everything is Energy and the Science of Mantra.  A Chi Generator creates a field; I tune that field with a written mantra – a mantra is a vibration expressed as words. That frequency/field is further enhanced and strengthened with semi-precious stones, Sacred Water from around the would, essential oils and flower essences, all of which resonate with the frequency of the mantra. Merely holding the generator will shift your energy field in the direction of the desired goal expressed by the mantra: healing, abundance, balance spiritual development. It is like doing a mantra without doing it. Keep near your body, sleep. meditate with it, the more the better. No physical curing or specific condition is worked with or implied to with in any way and if that happens in is merely a coincidence.

Healing Series:
Apadamepa -God Bring Your Healing Energy Directly to this SPOT!
Buddha Mantra 1 – To Relieve Suffering
Buddha Mantra 2 – To Relieve Suffering
Buddha Mantra 3 - To Relieve Suffering
Relieves Stress

Healing Path – Find correct path to Heal – Mantra to Dnvontre – Celestial Physician
Medicine Buddha – Powerful Healing Mantra calling upon Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha Relieves Suffering – Mantra given by Medicine Buddha to relieve Suffering
Mrityunjaya – Calls upon sage Mrityunjaya for healing
Green Tara Buddha – Feminine Energy for Healing and Protection


Gaia Essence Series:
Attract a Partner
Grounding - Keep connecting to the earth
Eyes -supports the eyes
Heals the Heart – heals the emotional heart
No Fear – Clears the emotion of Fear
Powerful Speech – speak your truth and heart
Protection - against Negative Energy
Remove Obstacles
Sexual Balance – Balances male and female energies 


Prosperity Series:
Abundance - Lokshimyea
Abundance - Aanapora Ongoing
Yellow Tara

Chakra Series: (see Chakra Harmonics for description of each Chakra)
1st Chakra
2nd Chakra
3rd Chakra
4th Chakra
5th Chakra
6th Chakra
7th Chakra
5 Channels
Chakra Balance

Spiritual Series:
Gayatri Mantra – Go Back to Source Mantra
Kadosh - Hebrew Tradition: Holy, Holy Holy Lord on High
Kala Chakra – Mastery over Time
Heart Sutra – Gate Gate Gate Para Gate Parasum Gate – Enlightenment
Lotus Sutra – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – attain Bodhisattva
Ohm - Primordial sound of universe
Oh Ma Hung – Centering

Planet Series:

GOLD Series:
The GOLD Series is a special series I make  using higher quality stones and GOLD. The Chi Generators are more coherent and mich more powerful; due to the amount of time it takes to make and limited quantities of materials, these are EXTREMELY LIMITED! All GOLD Series Chi Generators are $189.00
Heart Sutra
Lotus Sutra
Oh Ma Hung

Mantra to the Sun Series:
Hram Mitraya – Universal Friendship
Hrim Ravaya – Radiance
Hroom Suryaya – Dispeller of Darkness
Hiraim Bhanava – Brilliant Shining Principle
Hraum Khagaya – All Pervading Thru the Sky
Hroom Adityaya – Light of the Sage
Hraum Arkaya – Remover of Afflictions
Hrim Marichiyea – Pure Light of Dawn at the Crack between the Worlds
Hram Hiranya-garbhaya – Golden Colored One – Healing Gold
Hrah Pooshne – Mystic Fire Which Gives Strength
Hrah Bhaslaraya – Brilliant Light of Intelligence
Hraim Savitre – Light of Enlightenment

Other Products Coming Soon:
Power Objects
Altar pieces
Sacred Geometric

Platonic Solids: earth element; water element; fire element; air element; ether element; The Platonic Solids have been known for thousands of years. Plato wrote about them in 500BC, but they were known before then. Any form or structure creates a field or frequency: your bedroom, one of the box stores, or a geometric form like the Platonic Solids. Sacred Geometry and the Platonic Solids create a frequency associated with the divine which has many health benefits – the frequencies created by them realign or retune the LIGHT bodies and elements associated with health. Whereas the CD harmonics create a wave, the Platonic Solids create a field of stillness. All my products promote and enhance focusing on a given body part. These forms bring the element into the body not just a frequency.

Language of Light Glyphs