Polarity Harmonics

Polarity Currents (SUN) realign the deep energy currents. They are growing in demand as more individuals are becoming more sensitive. Sometimes, if no physical remedy is effective, the condition is most likely manifesting from the energy system.

Ida, Pingala, Shushumna

Transverse Current – UltraSonic Core – Transverse fascia in body;

Transverse Arms & Legs – bone marrow;

Spiral – Navel front and back – putting yourself out into the world;

EVOLUTION - Set of 8 CD’s The Evolutionary Current – Back To Source – Golden Mean Ratio Frequency 1.618

INVOLUTION - Set of 2 CD’s The Involutionary Current – Into Matter – Inverse Golden Mean Ratio Frequecny 0.618

EVOLUTION / INVOLUTION Set of 2 CD’s – Combination of both currents at same time.

Longline Currents Right Arm

Longline Currents Left Arm

Longline Currents Right Leg

Longline Currents Left Leg