192 Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness


"Darrell’s dedication and knowledge of the sound frequency is profound. The CD experience can be felt in the body as I listen to the harmonics from Darrell. I am so grateful for his work and offerings." -Oceanna


This set of 24 CD’s is the “Heart of this Work.”
These Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness are talked about in the Vedas – the Hindu text of Creation and which the Science of Life – Ayurveda – is based; they clear the frequency points which stress accumulates at the level of the mind: most accomplished practitioners believe that conditions we refer to as illness and dis-ease start as a stress point in the mind and then manifest in the body. These frequencies are believed to be the subjective and objective aspects of consciousness – of each and every individual. In terms of vibration: the stress blocks the frequencies, which are supporting the organ or tissue. Very intense!

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Cd #1 – Left Side of Chest (Shoulder), Lunar and water energy of heart, lungs, body fat; Heart to Right Hand Energy Channel, Upper rt side of heart, bone tissue, outward movement of Vyana Vayu.


CD #2 – Heart to Left Hand Energy Channel, Upper left side of Heart, Nerve tissue and bone marrow, outward movement of vyana vayu; Heart to Right Foot Energy Flow, Lower right side of heart, reproductive tissue, downward movement of Vyana and Apana Vayus.


CD #3 Lower Back,  energy to organs of digestive system; Navel,  energy to digestive system: small intestine, seat of digestive fire


CD #4 – Lower Abdomen (Bladder) – Apana Vayu – downward movement of Air, nadi from sex chakra to urinogenital organs, reproduction, support, emotion; Heart, Center of Chest, Nadi from heart chakra to body, circulatory system,  plasma, Air energies


CD #5 – Right Side of Chest (Shoulder), Solar and fire energy of Right side of chest, heart, lungsBlood; Heart to top of chest – muscles, earth energies, strength, ojas


CD #6 – Rt ankle, Power of Movement, primary focus,  Root of Rt Toes, Power of Movement, adaptation


CD #7 – Tips of Rt Toes: Power of Movement articutlation, Point of connection to cosmic Vyana and Apana Vayu; Left Hip: Power of Support, primary focus


CD #8 – Left Knee: Power of Support, adaptation; Left Ankle: Power of Movement primary focus


 CD #9 – Left Roots of Toes: Power of Movement, adaptation; Tips of Left Toes: Power of Movement, articulation


CD #10 – Rt side of Abdomen: Prana and solar energy of right side of abdomen, Liver, digestion of solid food; Left side of Abdomen: Prana and Lunar energies of if side of abdomen


CD #11 – Right Shoulder: Power of will: initial motivation; Right Elbow: Power of Will: stronger energy


CD #12 – Right Wrist: Power of Expression, initial motivation;  Right Knuckles: Power of Expression, stronger energy


CD # 13 – Right Fingertips: Manual dexterity articulation; Left Shoulder: Power of emotion, initial movement 

CD #14 – Left Elbow: Power of emotion, stronger energy; Left Wrist: Power of Reaction, initial motivation


CD #15 – Left Knuckles: Power of reaction, stronger energy; Left Fingertips: Manual artistry and grace


CD #16 – Right Hip: Power of support: primary focus; Right Knee: Power of support, adaptation


CD #17 – Forehead: Third eye, pituitary gland, outer mind, mental perception, thought, feeling, expression; Face: Mind, moon, emotions, resonance, responsiveness


CD #18 – Right Eye: Direct Perception, judgment, discrimination, motivation; Left Eye: Creative Imagination, visualization, desire


CD #19 – Right Ear: Direct Hearing and listening, comprehension, grasp of whole; Left Ear: Creative Hearing, and sound based imagination


CD #20 – Right Nostril: Energy flow on right side of body, power of exhalation, reason and will power; Left Nostril: Energy flow on Left side of Body, Power of inhalation, emotion, responsiveness


CD #21 – Right Cheek: Expressive power of Touch and feeling; Left Cheek: Receptive Power of Touch and feeling


CD #22 – Upper Lip: Tongue, speaking ability: Sarasvati nadi; Lower lip: Tongue, taste ability: Sarasvati nadi


CD #23 – Upper Teeth: Prana in mouth and face, speech, singing ability, expressive; Lower Teeth: Speech, singing ability, receptive


CD #24 – Top of Head: Pineal Gland, inner and higher  mind, consciousness, Self, Prana, transcendence; Throat: Sense of Self and self esteen, self-projection,  solar energy