"I feel love, joy, and deep inner peace. Listening to the CD’s bring me an incredible connection to a deeper intelligence." – Shunyata


How it Works

The human body has an subtle aspect to it, sometimes referred to as the Light Body or Subtle Body. These Light Bodies are the information-carrier wave or program for the physical body. When that information wave is coherent, HEALTH results. When it is dis-coherent, dis-ease manifests.  All the products on this site, work on different dimensions to perfect the LIGHT bodies and promote HEALTH.  Below is a video of Darrell discussing more about the benefits of listening to the CD’s.

Optimal Listening Experience

It is best to listen to the CD’s while in silent meditation. Close your eyes and allow yourself to rest in a state of relaxation. For the optimal experience, you may want to purchase a headset with 5-30 Hz and flat response capability. You can purchase this kind of headset on Amazon. Another way to listen to the CD’s is while falling asleep or early in the morning just after rising. Keep in mind that these suggestions are for an optimal experience. Regardless of how you listen to them, it is best to give yourself a break every other day. This will allow a process of integration. Therefore, listen to a CD one day and then take the next day off.  In the end, make sure you find the process that works best for you.

Below is an opportunity to listen now. Get comfortable and relax.

For a 5-minute sample of the Abundance CD click here.
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For a list of available CD’s, click on the links below.

192 Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness
Body As Sound
Music of the Spheres
Cranial Harmonics
Chakra Harmonics
Polarity Harmonics

New! Two Harmonics of Healing CD’s for Radiation. These CD’s have been specifically created to address harmful radiation from sources both man-made and naturally occuring, for example: clinical X-rays, UV radiation, nuclear pollution, general background radiation, etc.  To purchase these two CD’s ($40 + shipping), click on the link below. (Keep in mind that you do not need a PayPal account to make this purchase.)