Darrell is a classically trained musician who turned to doing healing work in the late 1980′s.  After studying Massage, Polarity, Biodynamic CranioSacrol Therapy, Cell Memory, Esoteric Healing, Ortho-Bionomy and a host of other energetic modalities, he had a Near Death Experience and began forming his own modality: Harmonics of Healing and Music of the Spheres. As a classically trained musician, he had been interested in bridging the gap between healing and music for many years. This work represents many years of experimenting on himself and other practitioners who have contributed to the work. Located in Buffalo, New York, he is available to work with individuals and groups in person (rates vary) and by telephone. Please contact him for further details.

This site contains: CDs of  the sounds (harmonics) of the energetic structure of the bodies and/or the functioning of the various organs and systems of the body. They work by clearing the emotional trauma which accumulates over the years and the physical toxicity associated with the food and environment. The site also contains information  on Chi Gens and Vibe-TLs which are mantra based tools for healing purposes based on mantras and crystals. Instructions on using the various tools can be found here as well as podcasts/interviews of myself and other practitioners who use the CDs and others who are doing energetic modalities. Feel free to contact him for further information. This site frequently updated with new healing tools and products. Bookmark this site to check back routinely and find out about latest developments. 


"where healing and metaphysics meet physical reality"